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Dedicated to Ecclesiastical Bodies

Economy at the service of the Charism and the Mission

A Christian is called to become steward, administrator of the multiform grace which is also expressed through charism, and is called to put it into circulation for the benefit of all.
In God’s saving plan, the Church is “like the faithful and prudent administrator [who] has the task of carefully taking care of what has been entrusted to it“. In fact, “it is aware of the responsibility to protect and carefully manage its own assets, in the light of its mission of evangelisation and with particular concern for the needy“.
In addition to transparency, the ability of people is important (quote by His Excellency Card. George Pell).

Accounting, Budgeting and Management Control

We are leaders in Accounting and Management Control services dedicated to Organisations and it is frequent that our collaborators are Lay Treasurers or Financial Directors of Congregations.
We implement accounting platforms using in-cloud software commonly used by ecclesiastical bodies such as QuickBooks, Siege and others. We study and create Charts of Accounts that provide the necessary information both at the Province level and at the General Council level.


Budgets are adjusted to:

  • Number of Members
  • Number of Provinces
  • Number and type of Ministries (activities) by Province
  • Number of countries where the Congregation is present
  • Number of languages spoken
  • Number of Currencies used in transactions

What we do

  • We prepare budgets
  • We implement Consolidated Financial Statements
  • We carry out Internal Audit activities
  • We draw the Internal Financial Organisation and the correct Governance also through the support of flow charts

Strategic planning

The Forecast Model and therefore the Strategic Planning answers the most frequently asked questions such as:
will the Congregation have the ability to:

  • financially and economically support its members and ministries?
  • for how much time?
  • what can be the corrective solutions to the trend

After taking into consideration some indispensable variables such as the number of members, age, sources of income, real estate properties and many other variables, we develop a sophisticated forecasting model that evaluates the probable financial scenarios that the Congregation as a whole and at the Province level will face in the next 5/10 years and even beyond.

Global Congregation – Investment Capital

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