Casa Generalizia – Congregazione Missionari di Marianhill C.M.M.

Rome – Via S.G. Eudes
Ecclesiastical Client

Services rendered:

  • Document collection
  • Technical, Documentary, Urban Planning and Cadastral Due Diligence
  • Real estate valuation
  • Analysis of possible change of uses – Property Repositioning
  • Assessment of intended use compared to expected income
  • Feasibility study
  • Calculation of the Fiscal Impact
  • Report and suggestions to the General Council

The property

The property, covering a total area of about 5.500 square meters, is located in a beautiful park in the Pisana area in Rome and is owned by an international male Congregation. The Congregation, which has recently carried out a complete refurbishing work, needed to assess possible solutions to exploit the underused real estate complex.

We first found and analysed all the documents relating to the building complex, assessing any critical issues and suggesting corrective actions. Then, we simulated and illustrated various scenarios to the General Council, such as total or partial tenancy and total or partial sale, their real possibility of implementation and the expected income, calculating the fiscal impact.


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