The assets of these proprietary entities often have ancient origins and high historical, artistic and social value and for this reason, they need tailor-made solutions.

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The real estate assets of Religious Congregations, Ecclesiastical and Not-for-Profit organizations usually have ancient origins and high historical, artistic and social value. They also differ from conventional real estate as their purpose is supporting and assisting others rather than making profit.

Such assets and the entities that own them need tailor-made solutions that fully respect the charisma of each Congregation and the relevant regulations, such as the directions and guidelines provided by the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life in “Management of Ecclesiastical Assets of Institutes of Consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic Life in Service of Humanity and the Mission of the Church” of March 2014 and August 2014 and reiterated in “Economy at the Service of the Charism and Mission” in March 2018.

Our activity

For over 20 years, we have been providing real estate consultancy to the Vatican and numerous Ecclesiastical Bodies and Religious Congregations in order to contribute to the care and management of the real estate of the Congregations, without ever disregarding the aims and priorities of pastoral and apostolic action.

Furthermore, many Religious Congregations entrusted us with the office of Lay General Treasurer reporting directly to the General Council for treasury management and accounting services.

Strength points

The strength of our consulting activity to Congregations and Ecclesiastical Institutions consists in our knowhow in the valuation of buildings belonging to the category B/1 of the Italian cadastral system (comunity residences); we are one of the few companies to have such expertise.

Our database includes all the current Religious Congregations, Institutions and Catholic Bodies in the world, that we assist also in the identifying their so called “stable patrimony”.

The “stable patrimony” is subject to special protection in order to safeguard the continuity of the Institute as a public legal entity of the Church.

Our pluses

We rationalize the patrimonies, carrying out congregational analyses that allow us to identify the macro-trends of each
Congregation and correlate them with the real estate assets and investments held around the world. In this way, we can:

Our approach

At IMC Consulting, we adopt an integrated and multidisciplinary approach that allows us to assist Religious Congregations and Ecclesiastical Institutions thoroughly in the management of their assets, from valuation to appreciation, from the definition of strategies to tax planning, from renovations to new buildings, from property to facility management.
We firmly believe that ethics and sustainability are indispensable: for this reason, we are promoting a real estate fund dedicated to health care and welfare properties owned by religious congregations in financial distress, as well as homes for the elderly dedicated to members of several Congregations.

  • Analysis of the Stable Patrimony
  • Analysis of total real estate assets
  • Valuation of buildings belonging to the category B/1 of the Italian cadastral system (communal residences)
  • Implementation and/or rationalization of the Document Archive, also on a web-based platform
  • Cadastral and technical/town planning Due Diligence
  • Verification of Cultural Interest pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 42/2004 and subsequent amendments
  • Regularization of building complexes
  • Energy requalifying of buildings
  • Project Management for new buildings and renovations
  • Sale, purchase and lease of buildings between Religious Congregations
  • Relocation and move planning and coordination
  • Request for sale authorization in Congregationis pro Institutis Vitae Consecratae et Societatibus Vitae Apostolicae C.I.V.C.S.V.A.
  • Request for General House and Community House variation of usage
  • Request of both Ecclesiastical and Civil Legal Representative Variation
  • Request for Territorial Government Office Certificates at the Prefecture
  • Treasury management
  • Creation and management of IT and accounting platforms
  • Creation and management of the databases of the members of the Congregation on web-based platforms

Mission Society

Our commitment to the Religious Congregations goes beyond the simple support in the care and management of their real estate assets. We offer, in fact, punctual and dedicated services to meet their every need, always working with respect for the aims and priorities of pastoral and apostolic action that, often, are expressed in missionary works of great value. Works that we, at IMC Consulting, are proud to tell, promote and support.

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