Our Legal Area
deals with:

  • Canon law
  • Real Estate
  • Art and Cultural Heritage
  • Construction and Infrastructure

Canon law

IMC assists Religious Congregations and Ecclesiastical Bodies in the setup of new Congregations, Juridical Recognitions, Ecclesiastical Clearances and everything concerning the economic and patrimonial activities of Bodies and Congregations.

Real Estate

IMC has perfect knowledge of the real estate market, both domestic and international, as well as knowing all the peculiarities that may concern specific customers and the various types of operation.
The interdisciplinarity, typical only of a team like that of IMC, guarantees attention to detail, speed and efficiency.
IMC has unparalleled experience: from assistance with the purchase or sale of real estate portfolios or single properties to the drafting and negotiation of contracts (for example Property Management, service agreements and lease contracts), with reference to all segments of the market (religious and ecclesiastical, social-health, residential, offices and properties for accommodation).

IMC is characterised by:

• in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in the real estate sector;
• an excellent service with a multidisciplinary approach;
• consolidated relationships with the world of Real Estate and constant relationships with the main players in the sector;
• continuous training about all the new regulations and new instruments of the real estate market.

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