Generalate of the Company of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

Rome – Via di Val Cannuta, 134
Ecclesiastical Customer

Services rendered:

  • Documents collections
  • Technical, Documentary, Urban Planning and Cadastral Due Diligence
  • Real estate valuation
  • Analysis of possible uses Property Repositioning
  • Evaluation of the intended uses compared to the expected income
  • Feasibility study
  • Report and suggestions to the General Council
  • Urban and cadastral regularisation of the entire property complex

The property

The real estate complex, of about 11,700 square metres IPMS1, today the Generalate House of an important Women Religious Congregation, was built by the same Congregation around 1961. The original project was subject to some variations, until 1964, when the last version was approved which has substantially characterised the construction as it is today.
The Congregation needed to evaluate possible solutions to enhance the real estate complex, which is underused today.The real estate complex is accessible from the main entrance in Via di Val Cannuta and from a secondary access in Via Enrico de Ossò, both of which are suitable for vehicles which, through an internal road network, lead inside the park and the buildings therein.
The main building is made up of three buildings almost perpendicular to Via di Val Cannuta, connected by a transversal body parallel to said street. The Church is located in the central body. There are seven floor levels, two of which are basement and five above ground. The difference in height between the area overlooking Via di Val Cannuta and that towards the park makes the areas at the basement level almost completely habitable.
Two other small residential buildings rise along the enclosure wall, on either side of the entrance in Via di Val Cannuta.
The entire main property is surrounded by a large park with tall trees, automatic irrigation, lighting, paved roads and parking lots.

Our activity was first to find and analyse all the documentation concerning the real estate complex, assessing the critical issues and suggesting corrective actions. We then simulated and submitted to the General Council various scenarios such as total or partial lease and total or partial sale, their possibility of implementation and the expected income by calculating the tax impact.

The General Council has entrusted IMC with carrying out all the necessary urban planning, cadastral and administrative regularisation activities of the entire property complex, an activity that required one year of work.


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