Our method

Challenges represent the greatest opportunities for us.

Our approach

At IMC Consulting, we adopt a systematic approach which in the first phase allows us an overall, holistic view of the customers, their needs and assets. This method allows us to obtain, as a result, solid returns on investments. Furthermore, we apply the international RICS Red Book – I.V.S. and I.P.M.S. evaluation and measurement standards of properties to offer solutions that are comparable on a global real estate and accounting level.

Our qualities

We are problem-solvers and challenges are opportunities to us.
These are the characteristics distinguishing our working method and passion for what we do, making us the ideal partner, whatever the needs, whoever our client is.

Our team

We have talented and motivated teams working in a challenging environment that rewards personal initiative, ethical integrity and lateral thinking. Our teams have many years of experience in real estate consultancy, as evidenced by their membership in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The constant exchange of information and experience between our teams spurs a continuous growth of people and an improved consultancy service. In this way, we can provide our excellent services to all clients with the same attention.

Our latest activities

Discover our latest assignments and news from the IMC Consulting world.